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The Job

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The Job

Besides the traditional methods of detection proven for decades of surveillance, investigating and researching databases, we of course also offer you the most up-to-date methods for documenting evidence.

Standard procedure is to document (upon surveillance) relevant activities of a person to be observed using mobile, inconspicuous video systems. This provides the advantage, as compared to the traditional photographic technique, that the client receives, instead of a static evidential medium (like an individual snapshot, for example, the suggestive and proving impact of which may likely be limited), rather a dynamic piece of evidence (documentation of processes in time sequence). Naturally, we nevertheless also have the traditional method of photographic documentation on hand as well.

We even offer you the use of hidden video systems (both mobile and stationary), which facilitate obtaining powerful evidential material under the most adverse conditions.

The latest mobile computer technology enables us, even during an operation, to retrieve relevant information online and up-to-the-minute.

Our employees also contribute towards maintaining our high standard of quality (success ratio): coming into question as employees are only individuals who have passed a state certification examination for professional detectives, as well as academicians and matriculants.