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Placing of Order

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Assignment Conference

In order to find the optimum solution for the problems you face, we are pleased to invite you to an initial consultation, free of charge.

In the course of this consultation, we will clarify all of the facts with you relevant to the assignment, and recommend to you any and all possible problem resolutions, under consideration of their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, during the assignment conference we will reach agreements about the manner of procedure (surveillance, investigation, monitoring, personal protection) and about the fee to be paid.

In the event you possess written documentation concerning the case in question (official deeds, file notes, etc.), please bring them with you to the initial meeting.

Note: In case a person is to be observed, we would suggest that you bring us as current a photo as possible of this individual with you to the initial meeting, if at all possible, since it would substantially ease the identification for us.