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Fields of Activity

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Researching the whereabouts of individuals/searching for debtors

We find submerged debtors keeping themselves in hiding Austria-wide, worldwide upon request. Please visit our homepage (German version only).

Fraud Investigations

Please visit our webpage (German version only).

Employer investigations

We investigate the workplaces of your debtors, so that you can institute an attachment of wages, with no problems.

Rent law matters

We find out whether or not your tenants actually use the rented units of real estate, procure evidence of prohibited subletting, and check out questionable entry authorizations.


Dishonest competition

More detailed information is available to you on request.

Investigation into disseminators of anonymous threats, libels

Are you receiving anonymous threats? Are untrue facts about you being spread around? We track down the originators and authors, and deliver evidence that you can naturally use even in court.

Telephone terror

Are you receiving anonymous calls with threatening or annoying contents? Are you being tormented into the wee hours of the night? We put an end to the terror, and sleuth out the persons responsible for it. Naturally, we also secure the appropriate evidential material for a court prosecution.


Information concerning private relationships

Investigating, for example, into reputation, living circumstances, date of birth, past life, current and previous employers of individuals.

Securing traces

More detailed information is available to you on request.

About procuring evidence in civil/criminal court proceedings

Are you caught up in a court or governmental agency proceeding, yet you are missing crucial evidence? No problem, we procure the evidence for you.


About illicit workers

In your industry, is business booming, but unfortunately only among the "moonlighting workers"? Are your employees damaging your bottom line through unauthorized side transactions? We set up investigations in a way that brings the money back into your coffers.

Insurance fraud

Investigation upon suspicion of faked insurance claims. Investigation with reference to bogus injuries. Fact-finding into more detailed circumstances surrounding supposed "theft" of car.

Searching for witnesses

We hunt for witnesses who have perceived traffic accidents or actions relevant in court, and thus help you to implement your rights more forcefully.


Sabotage/industrial espionage

Are procedures or production processes in your company being sabotaged? Do you have a suspicion that your employees are "serving two masters"? Is your business a victim of bugging by the competition? We not only provide you with evidence and seek out perpetrators, but we also implement preventive measures, in order to protect you from further attacks.

Security checks

Do you doubt the integrity of existing employees? Do the statements made in job application materials of prospective employees strike you as false or exaggerated? Is an applicant concealing important facts from you? Do you want to know more about prospective employees than you can ask in all good conscience during the presentation interview? We find answers to your questions.