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Fields of Activity

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Hotels and restaurants:

As a hotel business, you are responsible for the secure safekeeping of your guests' valuables and money. Despite the most up-to-date rooms secured against break-ins, do you nonetheless suffer losses amounting to tens of thousands of schillings annually? We see to the conviction of the perpetrators, carry out personnel checks, and offer you long-term solutions, so as to eliminate such losses.

Personnel checks:

Despite sophisticated merchandise protection systems and monitoring the customers, do you still have to write off unusually high differences in inventory? We check as to whether or not your staff has a somewhat too loose attitude regarding your property, and deliver evidence for criminal prosecution, as well as for disciplinary measures under labor law.

Burglar traps

Money and valuables keep "disappearing" in both private and business spheres. We see to the conviction of the perpetrators by using chemical burglar traps. We will be happy to show you how in a consultative discussion at our offices, free of charge.